About Us

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Contribute to the professional and recreational development of virtual simulation networks, offering an atmosphere of harmony among all members of Avianca Virtual and other airlines affiliated with organizations, with emphasis on maintaining a high standard of professionalism.


In 2022 we will be a virtual airline recognized worldwide by virtual organizations, as one of the best in the field of professionalism and dedication of our pilots.

General Objective

Provide at all times an environment of friendship, companionship and harmony, promoting learning among our pilots, without leaving behind the good management of virtual networks and in turn contribute to the development of these.

Specific Objectives

  • Promote virtual learning among our pilots.
  • Support and help our pilots achieve their goals at the level of knowledge.
  • Instruct the pilots to fly the available aircraft professionally.
  • Reach the level of the other virtual airlines of the Colombian division.
  • Staff

    In detail our representatives!

    Ivan Vega

    CEO ceo@avianca-virtual.com

    Diego Serrano

    Vicepresidente Y Director de Operaciones de Vuelo VP/DOV vicepresidente@avianca-virtual.com

    Camilo Calle

    Director de Talento Humano DTH talentohumano@avianca-virtual.com

    David Triana

    Jefe de Pilotos e Instructor Flota A32S/330 JP jefepilotos@avianca-virtual.com

    Andres Rey

    Coordinador de Rutas y Destinos CRD coordinadorderutas@avianca-virtual.com

    Jorge Guarin

    Coordinador de Itinerarios y Reservas CIR coordinadordeitinerarios@avianca-virtual.com

    Sebastian Peña

    Director de Eventos y Relaciones Públicas DDE DRP directoreventos@avianca-virtual.com


    Instructor Flota ATR instructoratr72@avianca-virtual.com


    Instructor Flota B787 instructor787@avianca-virtual.com


    Instructor Flota E190 instructorembraer190@avianca-virtual.com


    Relevance in our operations!

    Pilot Roster